selling your home

Brick & Beam Difference

If you are in the market to sell your home, there’s something very important you should know. 

Real Estate Agents Are NOT All The Same! 

Your decision to place your home for sale involves more than simply dropping a sign in the front yard, putting it in MLS and waiting for the sales proceeds check. 

Hiring the wrong agent can mean the difference between making or losing money, selling quickly...or taking a long time, a trouble-free transaction...or a living nightmare. 

Unless you have extensive experience interviewing real estate agents, you won’t always know what questions to ask. Further, you won’t always know what answer will best suit your real estate needs. We have available a list of 10 important and insightful questions you should ask ANY Real estate agent BEFORE you sign anything. 

If the agent you are interviewing tries to “dodge” any of these questions, doesn’t have a great answer, or tries to “spin” their answer to avoid the real question, you should be concerned by their approach to listing and marketing your home. 

Don’t let an agent, without a clear strategy, list your home...sadly enough, it happens often in our industry.  Brick & Beam can get it done.

From Sale to Sold

  • Pre-Listing Information Arrives
  • Property Expert Assigned
  • Equity Evaluation Presentation
  • Staging Consultation
  • Professional Photographer Scheduled
  • Martking Plan Developed
  • Home Becomes Active
  • Open House (If appropriate)
  • Offers Evaluated/Accepted
  • Inspection & Negotiation
  • Appraisal & Negotiation
  • Clear to Close
  • Closing Scheduled
  • Final Walk Thru
  • Post Close Occupancy (If negotiated)
  • Key Exchange

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professional photography

First Impressions Matter

First impressions matter.  You deserve to have your home marketed using the latest technology and professional photography. 

A scary fact is that only roughly 15%of agents use professional photography for their listings...this doesn’t say much for our industry given the importance of first impressions online. 

You deserve a real estate team that knows how to tell the unique story of your home. We offer the best technology with Matterport. Matterport 3D Showcase tours is SciFi when it comes to real estate photography! Check out to see it for yourself. This is the leading edge of presenting real estate online and is not offered by the large majority of agents in our market, as most agents are not willing to invest in this technology. 

Make sure the agent you chose isn’t cutting corners on this critical aspect of the home marketing process. 


telling the story of your home

Your home is often your most valuable asset. It is also a place full of memories, where you may have raised your family, dreamed about the future, and made your own. Telling the story of your home means getting to know you and your home. We understand just how important your home is to you.

Marketing Matters.

We will develop a marketing plan to highlight the unique selling features of your home. Using the best photography and a holistic approach, we ensure the widest range of possible buyers see your home.  

  • Advertise on dozens of websites, including: Keller Williams, Zillow, Trulia,, Facebook, Instagram, and Redfin.
  • Create a full-color brochure, available to all agents and prospective buyers who enter your home.
  • Send e-mail announcing new listings to local agents.
  • Notify all buyers in our buyer profile system.
  • Promote your home at our company sales meeting


advocating for you

Proactive Negotiation

We are here to advocate for you and find win-win solutions during the transaction. We use proven techniques and strategies and employ a non-emotional state of mind during the negotiation process. 

Considerations when it comes to negotiating the sale of your home: 

  • Proactive vs Reactive Negotiation Strategy by setting expectations with agent 
  • Negotiating with authority by taking control of agent to agent discussions 
  • Eliminate Unqualified Buyers and Bad Surprises by probing for information 
  • Avoiding Home Inspection Deal Killers (the #1 reason a home sale falls through) 

Surprisingly, many agents simply submit or receive offers, and act as a conduit between you and the buyer (or seller). That’s not good enough. You want an agent who has exceptional negotiation skills. You want an team who’s committed to your interests and not desperate to sell your home. 

They’ll need to represent you to other agents and buyers/sellers. You deserve an agent who will be an advocate for you. 

There are “Real Estate Agents”… and then there are Committed Professionals. Which one do YOU want representing your interests?